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How exposure to BLUE LIGHT affects your brain and body

How exposure to BLUE LIGHT affects your brain and body


1. The disruption to your sleep schedule might leave you distracted and impair your MEMORY the next day.

2. A poor night’s sleep caused by smartphone light can make it HARDER TO LEARN.

3. Over the long term, not getting enough sleep can lead to NEUROTOXIN buildup that makes it even harder for you to get good sleep.

4. People whose MELATONIN levels are suppressed and whose body clocks are thrown off by light exposure are more prone to DEPRESSION.

5. By disrupting melatonin and sleep, smartphone light can also mess wit the hormones that control hunger, potentially increasing OBESITY RISK.

6. There’s some evidence that blue light could damage our vision by harming the RETINA overtime - though more research is needed.

7. Researchers are investigating whether or not blue light could lead to CATARACTS.

8. There’s a connection between light exposure at night and the disturbed sleep that come with it and an increased risk of breast and prostate CANCERS.

SOURCES: Nature Neuroscience; Harvard Health Publications; ACS, Sleep Med Rev, American Macular Degeneration Foundation; European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons; JAMA Neurology

For regular reading, however, we think dedicated ebook readers are a better option for a number of reasons, namely non-reflective electronic-ink displays that give you a more Paperlike visual experience (including easy reading outdoors and less eyestrain than with an LCD screen), a lighter weight, and a significantly longer battery life. Just as important for serious reading is the fact that a dedicated ebook reader offers fewer distractions—you won’t be tempted to switch apps to check, say, Twitter or your email.

Android eReader is a better option if you want to read a lot of news, emails......

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What is MOON Light?

MOON Light technique uses a reflective light distribution. The light-conducting layer is located over the display.

The 'projected' LED light goes through this layer and is reflected towards the screen being absorbed by the dark elements of the image and then this reflected light enters the eyes. On sensations this light is similar to the reflected light from an external source. This kind of lighting is significantly more comfortable for reading than backlit LCD displays, and safer too. But of course we still do not recommend reading in total darkness, a dim soft light is recommend beside the bed, or sofa, such a Baby Night Light.

Our eReader is thus highly Recommendation for your preferred Night Reading!

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