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MiMo MOE Educational Tool Proposal

In 2014, I setup MiMo ebook Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. Was given the opportunity to propose a - 5S (Safe) Strategy for the educational sector in Asia... details such as ---

  1. ­Executive Summary

  2. Objectives: To create and nurture a safe e-reading / e-learning portal for Malaysian Students regardless races and cultures, get together, supplied with quality reading and educational materials with ZERO level compromise from exposure to the Worldwide Web’s harmful contents such as extremism, pornography, violence, terrorism, anti-Religious ……..

  1. Introduction

  2. MiMo Sdn Bhd is backed by a renowned print solution specialist in the industry, servicing, manufacturing and supplying full range printing products, machinery, equipment and solutions. With changes to the digital age, we intend to introduce a long-term e-learning total solution into Malaysia Educational Market, affordable E-ink eReaders equipped with direct access to our very own locally setup online ebook store bundle with Cloud solution as e-library

  3. Background

  4. Students and professional travelling in public transit will find E-ink screen more superior and readable in tropical environment. E-ink eReaders are preferred after much consideration. Tablets like the iPad (LCD/OLED) are much harder to read in bright light, and their screens can produce a lot of glare. E-Ink screens, on the other hand, work fantastically in bright light. Asia being in a tropical zone, with 356 sunny days around the years, E-ink with non reflective matt reading surface will be more acceptable for long hours reading under our tropical conditions. See more at:

  1. Proposal of devices and e-learning Solution

  2. 6 inch screen E-ink technology based reader for novels reading

  3. 9.7 or 10 inch screen E-ink technology based reader for school e-textbook and e-newspaper.

  4. Proposed Strategy - 5S (Safe) Strategy

  5. Safe to the Eye (E-ink screen)

  6. Safe to the Mind (local ebook store with Asian eBooks)

  7. Safe to the Environment (Paperless learning through devices)

  8. Safe to the Country (No exposure to Worldwide Web content – groom good citizens with sheltered good e-learning materials)

  9. Safe to the Budget (local based e-library instead of oversea public e-library)

  10. Pricing

  11. High end 6 inch E-ink eReader – Model C65 HD – AfterGlow @ RM600

  12. High end 9.7 inch E-ink eReader – Model M96 – BlackPearl @ RM950

  13. Affordable 6 inch E-ink eReader – Blaupunkt Model DE01 @ RM350

  1. Details of Proposal – Flow Chart

Our Marketing and PR Strategy

  1. MiMo Offical Facebook Page

  2. MiMo Facebook Promotional activities targeting at desired age group & gender (Precise Interests & Broad Categories)

  3. For students - Story writing, Book reading competition and contest (200 set of E Ink Peal HD for sampling, work with Self publishing eBook writers, big publishers for Events, workshop, talk etc

  4. Digital Content creation sending the right message to promote good reading habit, right technological tools for e reading etc..

  5. School-to-School workshops and recommendations, email blasts or display ads are also some ways to move entertainment reading, understanding some serious readers want to keep their actual reading somewhat private. Thus email re-share and Apps re-share or forwards should be implemented as well.

  6. MiMo will leverage the online touch points of sale data and its rich profiles to double down on a multi-channel marketing and sales effort geo-targeted to high-potential regions in cities or other rural states of Malaysia

  1. Key to Success: work with values -

  2. Educational Segment Orientated – we will work closely with the Ministry Of Education - Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, to provide maximum proficiencies through the years to come

  3. Continual Innovation in Technologies – regular updates and upgrade our business model

  4. Ownership of e-books – in the midst of digital advancement, protect the foundation, still promote the traditional prints, through ‘Web2print’

  5. Investment

  6. Our proposal will be using affordable E-ink eReader, thus in the long run will be very beneficial to the total investment of the bodies involved in term of total expenses and return.

  7. The device is using a very durable materials and E-ink plastic screen technology, thus the average lifespan of the devices are of 5 – 8 years wear and tear.

  8. MiMo is providing a very reliable local eBook store and e-Library, thus, the Malaysia Educational bodies will be able to have better allocation of their educational budget for other more critical area


This proposal plan to invest in MiMo’s business model will wield unlimited good benefits to the next generations as we honor and protect our 5S (Safe) Strategy as a caring company.

dtd July 2014

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