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The Right Tool for the Right Job.

I saw this post .. yesterday..

About a Thai daddy " Dachar Nuysticker Chuayduang, a Facebook user, shared his own experience as a warning to other parents: Do not let your kids use electronic devices too much. In the case of Thai dad, he started to let his little daughter use his smartphone and iPad since she was two years old. After that, his daughter gradually showed signs of addiction to the phone. Whenever Dachar took the phone out of her hands, she became angry.""

He is so full of remorse and regret now.

I really hope he can provide an E ink or Electronic Paper eReader for his daughter. It is rather a common place now in Thailand with so many kindles sold on the street in Bangkok.

I wonder does he knows? The right tool for his daughter is this?

The reason is very simple. We cannot take their right to their own development.

Quote here, "Should we put a complete ban on technology or box them up and burn them? No, this is not the answer. Technology will only move forward and we have to move forward with it. The future that our children will face will more and more harness technology to improve lives. But we have to take action now, and learn how to address the parenting challenges we are facing. We cannot just sit back and relax, because now more than ever, our children need us."

Kids today are going online at younger ages – which means that parents have to get involved in their digital lives much sooner than they used to. Although you may sometimes feel out of your depth when it comes to technology, as a parent you have an important role to play in helping your kids safely navigate the online spaces and activities they enjoy.

Introduce the right tool appropriate for them to learn online and keep up with their peers. We can do even a one big step further for them

Their peers may be at their computer laptop, Desktop or staring at their high end iPad Pro. Their smart parents maybe asking them every 30 mins or 1 hour to take a break to rest their eyes away from the screen. Which is the right method. Worse, Tablets offer a lot of features, sometimes way too many. For a student, this may create too many distractions. Push notifications coming all the time when what you most want is to fully focus on your studies and school assignments and projects.With tablets, there is no real chance to get offline and focus on reading.

In my suggestion, instead, we provide E ink gadgets, an Electronic Paper device,

Many people are assuming that eReaders and tablets are the same thing. They are not.

A tablet is basically a miniature computer. It has a color illuminated display. This can be read in the dark without any alterations and can be difficult to see in the sunlight depending on brightness. It has the same potential problems as looking at any monitor.

They use e-ink technology. There are very few things you can do on an eReader other than read books. Reading from an eReader is almost exactly like reading from a paperback book.

Why e-ink screen?

1. Distance. Not surprisingly, people reading on their smartphones tend to hold the device much closer to their eyes than they would a book or magazine.

2. Blinking. Study after study has found that when reading on screens people tend to stare more than they do when reading on a printed page. More staring means less blinking, which means your eyes get less refreshment from tears. When you blink, you spread a layer of tears over the eye, hence keeping it moist.

3. No Blue Light from the screen. - E ink screen is comfortable than phones and tablets or computer in any bright – harsh light conditions as they are glare free displays. More t

Lastly, the most important point - in the world of e Ink eBook Readers, there is very few things you can do on an eReader other than read books. Reading from an eReader is almost exactly like reading from a paperback book. No disruption from reading and studies!

I am also a parent in this digital age, I am still learning from my peer, seniors, friends, relatives, in-laws ... etc.. but all are facing this issue, Parenting the Digital Generation is very very tough. Kids go online at very very young age. We cannot deprive their freedom, instead need to encourage them further to tap into the modern day technology to head spear in many things with their lives.

We need to lay down RULES on usage.

We need to be courageous and provide boundaries.

Locate computers and gadgets in common areas (not bedrooms) in order to have visibility on what they do.

Monitor ratings of and values projected by games they play or movies they view; have a healthy discussion about it.

No gadgets during meal times.

No TV or computer games during school days.

Each family should come up with their own set of rules.

Yes, technology is daunting for us parents. But as Digital Generation parents, we just have to be good example and ensure we provide the proper guidelines and guidances.

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