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Today one of my customers claimed that his purchase of the new Onyx BOOX POKE Pro is not working well, and wanted an exchange.

So being a good reseller who honour his local warranty. I sms him to come down to my working space for an exchange or what ever, since he been bothering me whole night after he had received his POKE Pro ..... first he claimed no SD card slot, his free 16G SD card from me cannot be used for his side loading ebooks... my market place site claimed there is one,,, mis leading for him to make a purchase, ...

So, at around noon, he came, we had an exchange, all because the LED lighting are not working. I let him unwrapped the new eReader, as a rule, I never touch anything inside, as some customers are very skeptical ... as some ereader seller, 'do something' ..

Finally I got to touch the all new, 3 weeks old Onyx BOOX POKE Pro, fresh, 3 weeks ago, it was launched in Hong Kong Electronic Fair.

Less than 15 mins, I had managed to make the so called 'fail' led lighting, WORK!

I did a reset with the Android Factory Reset apps, .. all good.

Immediately, I fell in love with my POKE PRO!, It has an Android 6.0.1 OS, very fast in loading all my ebooks in the library, 7000 ebook in just about 3 mins!

Loading is fast, with Quad Core Processor is really crazy for a book reader to experience.

What I really want to share with the Bi Colour - cool and warm LED lighting. It is really fantastic.

It brought me back in times, to my child hood when I need to read under the candle light. Really bring back good memories how we strived to read through the night with my favourite comic books, which my dad allowed but mum is unhappy.... what was that?


And I would like to share this blogs that I have read long ago, that

Herbert Bronson, Researches light therapy devices.

Answered Jan 15, 2016

If we're talking about extended nighttime use, warm color temperatures really are healthier for you than cool ones. Warm light (not just LEDs, but of any lighting device) is going to have a lower percentage of blue and green wavelengths. Blue and green wavelengths severely block melatonin production at night, leading to many of the maladies associated with shift work syndrome.

Ideally, you want to limit yourself to amber light late at night, which doesn't block melatonin production at all.

Check out the research pages on and SomniLight's websites."

Looks like I have finally found my most basic joy for reading after all these time. God Bless!

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