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A Good Reward

Today we received a very encouraging email from a happy mum/customer!!!

This is that kind of thing that makes the world spin around every day!

She bought one POKE PRO from our online store, requesting for some ebooks for a 10 years old.

Ooopss! how can he register the Goggle Play store patch? A 10 year old and a non techie mum..

No choice we did the ad normal.

We unwrapped and use our Amtech Support account to register the device on their behalf, install the OverDrive apps for the kid to borrow ebook from libary,

unload a few ebooks, (girl or boy) we do not know.

So ended up the happy mum sent an email with thinks and gratitude...

Our effort paid off.. one more happy mum and a happy kid.

Love the world. Faith In Humanity is Restored after so many unhappy comments after our eReader comes without SD card, even though we have given FREE SD cards!!!!

Happy mum with a happy son.

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