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How to make our eBook reader works with Overdrive - the best apps to borrow ebooks from all libraries over the world.

Overdrive - it is a free service offered by your library or school that lets you borrow digital content (like ebooks and audiobooks) anytime, anywhere. Every OverDrivecollection is slightly different because each library or school picks the digital content they want for their users.

OverDrive apps for library ebooks

Today I would like to post this reviews.

Personally I am very glad he took so much of his time to upload his experience here.

My son does speed reading and we don't have enough books to keep him occupied so borrowing books is the only option. After some online research, we decided to get this E-Reader as we wish to use it for borrowing ebooks directly from the Singapore NLB although it seems to be more expensive than an equivalent Kindle or Kobo model. But this is "open source" which will read any ebooks.

The challenging part after receiving the E-Reader is to activate the Google Play as Google decided not to certify Android E-Readers. Hence you will need to register the device with Google Services Framework portal first for activation. Seller provided few pieces of A4 size printed guide but nothing beats watching a video guide which I found online and you can check it here: or in the attached video.

How to activate Google Play for Poke PRO: 1) Enable and Connect to Wifi 2) Download the latest firmware - Settings > System Update and Click Check Update from Cloud 3) The device will automatically reboot during the upgrade 4) Activate Google Play - Settings > Check Enable Google Play 5) Register device to GSF - Settings > Press GSF ID and Sign in to your Google Account, This should take you to the Google Services Framework portal to register the device. 6) Reboot your device after successful registration **Important step which is only mentioned but not shown in the video, if this step was skipped you will always get the error Google Play is not authorized even though registration was successful when you try to open Google Play app** 7) After reboot, Open Google Play under Apps 8) Install Libby App from Google Play 9) Link to NLB and login your NLB acocunt in Libby App to borrow books and allow time for the ebooks to download 10) Always open the Libby App to read the ebooks that you borrowed from NLB

** Note: All above steps 1-10 worked for my device but do use it at your own risk **

Screen swiping and ebook/webpage loading in Android E-Reader will be slower than normal phone or tablet. Once loaded you will not find any difference except that the screen is black and white which works better for text and graphics. Most importantly, the E-Ink screen will be easier on the eyes and probably save your eyes and health in the long term. Remember to use the cool light for day reading and warm light for night reading. Remember also to get the Poke PRO version that comes with Android 6 (Marshmallow) for connection to Google Play/NLB.

For his effort, I will be extending our invitation to him once we have the first digital road show in Singapore.

I will personally invite his son to take part in our Play Adaption Competition.

Amtech will share the details once we have the framework of the competition ready.

Thank you, all my great customers.

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