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Which Android eReader is more compatible with Google Playstore??

Which Android ereader is fully compatible with Google Play Store?

This is the BIGGEST factor and of greatest concern that my eReader customer have in their mind when they shop around for the best e-ink reader for their kids.

In my previous blog, which I had shared with about my customer had gone to a great lengh to post a very very long feedback in one of my store. He bought a BOOX POKE PRO from me for his kid to borrow ebooks from our National library. He did wonder...

However, another customer also wanted to buy an Android eReader from me the other day. This time, he politely text our support line to request for a demo or "feel" before he intend to purchase one.

So I brought a few model down to our nearest Mall to show him (he sound very urgent!), as long year-end school holiday is just around the corner!

To my surprise, he actually own 2 Kindle and 1 Kobo, all orders online oversea shipped over to Singapore. Currently, is already in Singapore and he can easily just upgrade to their latest model!! Whey not, we all love Brand Loyal customers, be fair to all our readers, afterall, book readers are Owlsome people!

Mr XXX, had done all research online, he wanted an Android OS e-ink eReader, so that he can install ‎Rakuten‎ Overdrive apps from Google Playstore for her 10 years old daughter to reader ebooks. He claimed all the physical books in Singapore book store, actually have their ebook version in our National Library. Singapore schools have done their jobs well, all kids knows their ID to borrow and read online.

Mr XXX realised that he will be saving thousands of dollars if his daughter can migrate to read digitally/ They no longer need to buy those expensive printed books any more. Save space! Save money and best of all, they can join the latest trends, be substantial; save tree.

People who are saving trees are actually saving money!

He had been trying very very hard to install Rakuten‎ Overdrive apps onto his range of ereaders. He failed and he also claimed that my customers also had a hard time (work around) to activate Google Play Services in our BOOX ereaders (based on previous blog post).

To address his pain and issue, I showed me our latest range of Boyue eReaders. He just need to go to the setting of the Apps/System setting/Activate the Google Service.... just one setting, the rest is auto 'Update, upgrade' etc etc... on the fly..

Impressed with the easy to install demo, no fuss activation of Google Service to let him enjoy Gmail

apps installation, Dropbox apps installation, Chrome web browser..., he paid cash, never challenge my price, never negotiate and left with a big smile, holding his daughter's PRESENT.

Most importantly, he is very very satisfied that he got himself a trouble free product which in turn make his daughter smiles.

Let's wish him to have a good and enjoyable digital reading journey and forget about his pain in his past purchases!

Long Live Android eReader!

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