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Android eReader with Customised Fonts and Dictionaries

We have many customers asking for custom fonts and custom dictionaries in our eReader lately..

As technology advances and ebook getting very very popular due to this Covid-19 health crisis, traveling is limited and reading an e-book at home during #stayhomesafe .

So, how many customised fonts and how many customised dictionaries can be added to your Android ebook reader?

The answer is unlimited. Too few, it makes your digital reading very dry and boring. Too many added, it can slow down your digital reading experience! With an 8 core CPU ebook reader, with Android OS 8.1 at least, we can safely say, the sky is the limit.

Rule of Thumb. No 1. Update all your fonts and dictionary asap now. Our server will push all the necessary fonts and dictionaries to you by OTG.

See these below images and try to understand.

While at your epub page. click the font menu,, select first line..

You can click to update your font pack! Our server will push to you.

You can also choose to upload your own fonts by PC desktop.. you can copy and paste TrueType fonts. Be creative.. typewriter font .. i like to use American Typewriter fonts at times, got a feeling like you are reading an author's script!

This where you copy and paste your favourite fonts.

This is how a Typewriter fonts look like..

Cool! I love Android eReader! So much freedom.

and for custom dictionary.. I just need to show you this!!!

Just drag and drop any google dictionary online and there you go!

Of course the dictionaries data look like this.

Any more doubts and still clueless.?... You just need to get one Android eReader and try it.

The possibilities are endless.. and we have not even talk about "Text-to-speech" yet

... maybe next blog.

See ya.


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