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It suddenly happen last year when the whole world was locked down due to the mysterious COVID-19.

My company was caught off hand with limited stock (eReader) and the demand for digital reading content surged!!! for eg.. Singapore ruling government implement a very stringent circuit breaker measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.... thus... many parents was stuck at home.. their kids need to get used to "home based learning..." my stock was depleting very very fast due to high orders in our hosting e-commerce website.

Many parents wrote to use calling for help on the usage of apps.. such as how to borrow ebooks from our national libraries. How to download offline for leisure reading. How to install their school's online apps into their e-ink ereader.

However, we also realised that Android e-ink reader is so far the most compatible for such high demand period. Many of our customer use them to perform their home based learning by installing many 'last min fixed' apps and start working on their e-textbooks, even though it was very basic and crude.. hahahahaha. as many teachers are not aware of the difference of pdf, ibooks, mobi or epub format.. just alone epub has so many version. And many do not work compatibly with some big brand e-ink readers!

Fortunately, Singapore National Library has this major offering... unlimited checkout!

@Overdrive apps in Boyue Reader
National Library Board Singapore Offering

'In response to the increased demand, NLB has enhanced its digital offerings such as e-books as well as online courses and programmes.

It now offers 8,000 newly curated e-books with unlimited checkouts and more than 1,000 popular e-books for adults can now be borrowed without waiting time.

Popular e-books include Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling, Lee Kuan Yew: The Man And His Ideas and Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Ms Catherine Lau, assistant chief executive of public library services at NLB, said patrons had turned to digital solutions to enrich their lives during the circuit break period.'' We would like to thank Ms Catherine Lau for her quick response. Because of the COVID-19, many parents also realised that digital reading with e-ink screen is better for their kids' eyesight.

With e-ink screen they can read longer, enjoy more on their digital contents.. many international ebook publishers donated tons of ebook online during this horrible period.

In the coming days, we will be start to blog more on improving your new digital reading lifestyle.

Be Owlsome.


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