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How many dictionaries can I get in an eReader?

The answer is unlimited.

In an Android e-ink eReader, you just need to copy and paste the preferred Dictionaries into your eReader's root directory. It is so simple.

Below are the screen capture to illustrate what you are getting.

First I just show you the popular customized preferred dictionaries our customers love.

Such as Longman, Oxford and some Chinese 英汉词典.. just to name a few.

Of course for some asian customers, they would like to "Deactivate" the pre-installed Chinese-English and "activate" their preferred local Dictionaries such as Malay, Malay-Indonesia, English-tagalog .... the list goes on..... why not? It is an Android open source e-ink eReader!!!!

I hope this simple post, allow the parents to understand that a ereader is so helpful in their children's Home Based Learning.. afterall they are at home, their teachers are not around immediately (I mean).

The next blog, we are going to show the parents how to install the Android "text-to-speech' to allow their children to listen to their ebooks.

Be Owlsome.


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