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Value of an Android eReader vs LCD Tablet

We need to share this in 2021. Most common question a parent will ask when their kids ask them to buy an Apple iPad.

What is the value of buying a dedicated ebook reader, eReader or just call it a "Kindle" in some generic term..

No 1. It has Google Play-store. For those Android Phone user, it is pure Zero learning curve. 100 percent Buy and Use.

Side load all your ebooks and start reading.... right away. Side load mean... copy all your ebook eg... ePubs, iBooks, MOBI... etc... by USB cable or just a micro SD card. Simple.. period.

Then we go to the various values. Shouldn't this be shared by E-ink Corporate??? Never mind, our public health comes first.

Value of an Android eReader vs LCD Tablet

1. Zero Blue-light • No glare • Easy on eyes • Bye bye to eye strain and screen glare

2. E-Ink Displays save 99% energy vs. LCD • One full charge last > three weeks

= 18 000 page turns *

3. Readable under the brightest tropical sunlight!

• Perfect for Tropical Climate

4. Your Perfect Travel Companion • Weighing just 186 grams and 8.7mm thick, Amtech is your perfect travel buddy.

5. Text-To-Speech (by Google)

• Voice reading is like human voice • Connect Bluetooth® speakers and listen to e-book

6. Multiple built-in dictionary into Reading Apps • Easy for new words lookup! • At least 06 version!

7. Build-in Cool/Warm dual temperature LED front light, even for very low light condition.

8. Saves Money • Large storage (Internal 8G + Extended to 128GB, holds more > 80,000 eBooks • No need to buy books again! Support Overdrive seamlessly, Chinese ePub!!!!

9. Sustainable energy - Green and Clean • Go Green! Go Paperless! Save Trees!


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