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Take Our Quiz to know do you need to a get a dedicated eBook Reader?
1. How often do I read books?
2. Is reading in color important for me?
3. What kind of books do I mostly read?
4. Do I want to read enhanced ebooks?
5. How long am I reading a book non-stop?
6. Am I concerned about the eye strain LCD screens cause?
7. Will I use this device to read books to my children?
Do I expect the device to help me focus on reading?

Thanks for submitting!

Our guide to your answer.


Question 1
If you have checked answer “A”, that means buying an e-reader is a fully justified decision.

Question 2
The most common differentiation between e-readers and tablets is the display they have.

Question 3
Because of a fact that e-paper is black-and-white, and playing interactive elements is impossible, e-readers are ideal mostly for fiction.

Question 4
For me, a better distinction between an e-reader and tablet is a support of enhanced ebooks.

Question 5

This question may look irrelevant, but in times of the web and social media, the point is to define how distracted you are and how much focused on the text you want to be.


If you read for long hours, and if you want to totally forget about the outside world, choose an e-reader. This comes very close with a next question.

Question 6
Eye strain is a serious problem. Many people’s job is about using computers.

Now, go back to question 5 for a moment: if you want to read for long hours, being not exposed to back lit/ Blue Light is a better idea. Choose an e-reader, instead.

Question 7
A tablet is the only choice if you want to read ebooks to your kids. It doesn’t only let enjoy full-color books but opens a whole new world of interactive children’s books.

Question 8
This is related to question 5. You need to focus if you want to read for long hours.

Tablets offer a lot of features, sometimes way too many. For a book lover, this may create too many distractions. Push notifications coming all the time when what you most want is to fully escape with a book.

In fact, with tablets, there is no real chance to get offline and focus on reading.

By now, you will roughly know what do you need.

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