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Welcome to our World of Digital Reading

With our latest "Best Buy" -  Best Model is Boyue LikeBook MARS - consistently updated with latest hardware.


During covid, staying home is to keep you and your family healthy and safe. Amtech ebook reader allows you to read safely at home. 

8 inch e-ink Reader with 8 Core CPU Processor, packed with a 3100 Hz Battery to last 1 month usage, PLUS! An extended memory Card Slot to support up to 128G!

Our belief - why buy a lockdown eReader like Kindle and Kobo? When you can install all your Kindle or Kobo app, plus,  100% ebook ownership.

Pick a choice - an Android eReader with a 32G (128G!) - estimate to hold 80,000 (200K) ebooks! You can carry your entire library around you all the times, all on one slim and light handheld device. People tend to read more books when it is so convenient and easily accessible to read. 

eBooks are often more affordable NOW and this is more environmental friendly than traditional printed books, BE more ECO sustainable, BE part of sustainable energy process define as : "Sustainable energy is a principle in which human use of energy" meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Strategies generally have two pillars: Cleaner energy consumption and Energy Conservation with this product.

Here are our golden rule of choosing the right reading tools (eReader) for yourself.


We have been selling eReader since 2014... our experience is telling us that consumers in Asia are getting used to reading online.

First of all, can "Can Singaporeans buy Kindle books?", some merchants will advise - "We will show you how to buy Kindle books in Singapore using both methods: the “normal way” (do it at your own risk) and the “risk-free” method. ... DO NOT purchase books directly from your Kindle device. Always buy them from the Amazon website on a computer using the following methods ... blah blah..."

Be Simple, be NEAT get an Android eBook Reader. All ebook reader including Kindles are manufactured in China, and now other brands are either Andorid 6 or 8/9.. making it so friendly with Google Play Store... ZERO learning curve.

In 2019, all major ebooks sellers have their store apps in ios and Google Playstore, you can alway enjoy your eBooks from Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Libby by Overdrive, Scribd, Kobo, etc. 

With Android eReader, you can read, write, draw and take notes just like on real paper.

Golden Rule on How to Choose your RIGHT eReader.

Adults / Mature serious book reader - if you always on the move and always need 'Brain Food', get a 6 inch Reader. Android 6.0 is good enough. You can sideload 7,000 ebook into the internal disk.

Adults / Mature Serious book reader - if you read a lot on apps, such as Doukan, Newspaper apps, Google BOOK apps, Kindle Apps, Kobo apps. Please get a 6 inch Android 6.0 (at least) Pro Version with 2G ram, 16G internal storage for Comic Apps, email apps, Audio Apps...

Kids / Teenager / Adults casual book reader - if you have a lot of lectures and meeting to attend; read a lot on apps, such as online comic, pdf files, engineering files, corporate study on company website... suggest the semi professional NOVA PRO or Boyue T78D Likebook Muses (Dual Touch) comes with Wacom pen.


Students currently with access to e-textbooks, Google Classroom? Wait for our NEW 10.3 inch e-ink eReaders! With the best price in town to make e-ink eReader so easy to Own!

Meet our latest range of eReader - BOYUE Likebook Series!
Fully and truly integrated with Google Playstore! No Workaround!

Now we have 7.8 inch and 10.3 inch eReader for Home Based Learning.

#Home Based Learning Essential


8 Core / 4 Core HighSpeed Processor! - for high velocity reading and tedious note taking.

Built-in SD Card slot! - for support up to 128G / 256G

Current at Android 8.1 in 2021! Promise upgradable in future.

Fully Integrated with Google Playstore! - No Fuss to install Google apps, Overdrive apps is so easy to install and borrow ebooks from all libraries!


Device OS is Android 8.1+ , work with Evernotes, Notes, Overdrive... Doukan, Newspaper apps, Google BOOK apps, Kindle Apps, Kobo apps.

BOYUE Likebook P78 - high speed Quad Core Processor - for high-velocity reading and tedious note-taking.

Device OS is Android 8.1+, works with Evernotes, Notes, Overdrive... Doukan, Newspaper apps, Google eBOOK apps, Kindle Apps, Kobo apps etc ...... We even include Overdrive apps, Libby apps in our own Apps Store for easily installation.

In mid-2021, we have popular demand for bigger e-ink e-paper screen tablets, so we import Boyue Likebook ALITA.. and now we are bringing in P10 for some schools.

Boyue Likebook Alita features a 10.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1448×1072.

So far this is the most affordable, 10.3 inch E-ink / E-paper reader or reading tablets in the market.


#Goggle Playstore ready.  Just a button to get it up to speed and install your Goggle Apps, no fuss.

Boyue Likebook P78 E-Reader with free casing


Display: E INK Carta HD
Screen Size: 7.8
Display Resolution:1872×1404
E-ink PPI: 300 PPI
WACOM Active Digitizer: No
Front Light – Yes = Colour Temperature – Yes
Processor:Quadcore 1.4 GHZ
Ram: 2GB
Internal Storage: 32GB!
Physical Page Turn Buttons: No
MicroSD: Yes (256GB)!!!!
Connectivity: Wifi

Operating System: Android 8.1
Battery:3,200 mAh
Digital Pen:Yes
Data Connector:USB-C
Bluetooth: Yes
Waterproof: No
Audio: No

Weight:267 g

All Boyue Model User Experience behave consistently.
No confusion, you see one .. you see all.
The different maybe just on screen size is from 7.8in to 10.3 inch.... and hardware.
Some do have a stylus pen, and external speakers.

Our Ultimate eReader - BOYUE Likebook ALITA is 8 Core Processor. Get one today. Our champion product!

Underneath the hood is an octa-core 1.5ghz processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage.


It will have an SD card capable of 128GB of expandable storage. It is powered by a 4300 mAh battery and has USB-C for charging and transferring data. This device also has a USB host controller via the USB port, you will be available to physically connect up keyboards or mice or other devices.

The Alita also has audio functionality via the two speakers on the back, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and Bluetooth support for wireless headphones. 

Current market's most affordable, 10.3 inch E-ink / E-paper reader or reading tablets in the market.

#Goggle Playstore ready.  Grab and use, and install ALL your favourite Goggle Apps, no fuss.

Our Best Model - BOYUE T80D Likebook MARS - Generation 8 (latest Hardware)


7.8″ E-ink Touchscreen: 300ppi high resolution, reads like paper without glare. Use a special anti-glare process, 16-level gray scale,effectively reduce the reflective light and protect the screen.

High-speed Octa-core Processor: Use Freescale RK3365 1.5GHz chips, features faster response, smoother turn page, lower power consumption and more stable performance.


Adjustable Built-in Cool and Warm Front-light: Step-less adjustable. Protect your eyes and enables you to read day and night.


Free Bundle :

Free Case bundle

Free Screen Protector

  • Brand Name: BOYUE

  • Name: Likebook MARS

  • Color: Black

  • Display: 300ppi HD Carta screen

  • Resolution: 1404*1872

  • Reading light: Double color temperature

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 198mm*144mmX9.3mm

  • Display size: 157mm*117.5mm(7.8 inch)

  • Weight: about 290g

  • Operating System: Android 8.1

  • Processor: 8 core RK3368

  • Memory: 2G+16G

  • SD Card Slot - YES! (Support up to 128G)

  • Battery Information: 3100mAh

  • Data cable: Type-B

  • Continuous standby: about 3~4 weeks (depending on lifestyle)

  • WiFi: 2.4G

  • Bluetooth: 4.1

  • Built in Speaker

  • Mini Jack for Audio Speaker

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