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Community ECO Green Movement Project - Terrarium in Singapore

Yes, digital reading is one way you can go green, but we also understand the importance of resting your eyes on and off our digital E-ink screen.

We have reading apps that ask you to rest your eyes after long hours of digital reading on that tiny 6 inch screen, and flashing in and out of the interesting stories that never ending to excite you. Moon Reader Pro for Android is such... the No.1 best selling ebook reader in Google Play!!!

So my engineers recommended one good solution for indoor book worm to rest their eyes...

For the past two months, our companies in the pursue of eco green movement, we introduce urban gardening in the household, giving you a chance to rest your eyes and feast on the mini landscape that you have created in your household, Terrarium - bringing Nature into your house.

For the past two month, we have been actively engage in many community terrarium workshops...

Singapore National Day Terrarium Workshop for kids

@Turf Club City on Singapore National Day

Singapore National Day Terrarium

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